Stephen Hall

stephenhallConsultant to DRP

Stephen joins The DRP as a Consultant and comes with hands on experience as a member of blue-chip Executive Leadership Teams for 10 years and is a CEDR Accredited Mediator (2002). He has a track record of leading business across a number of disciplines including Sales, Marketing, Strategy and Communications taking responsibility for contracts up to €600,000,000.

Working across Europe, Middle East, Asia and USA for over 25 years Stephen has provided a breadth of customer and company experience which he brings to the fore in Mediation. In his career Stephen has rebuilt several previously damaged CEO, CTO and VP level relationships and in addition to leading commercial mediations, direct Customer Conflict has provided him with platforms to maximise Mediation techniques.

At the Executive level Stephen has influenced top level directors to attain buy-in on complex software licencing for €100,000,000.

Stephen enjoys working at the customer end of the business and employs
Value Creation techniques to quantify in monetary terms the value of benefits in customer language. This coupled with a deep knowledge of Company Operations in the legal, employee, pension, tax, and co-determination aspects he uses to create innovative Business Models and unlock scenarios related to restructuring, finance and HR. He is educated and experienced in leading strategy work and believes in the value of communicating vision and engages with open honest dialogue.

Stephen recently graduated with a Masters degree in Middle East Politics from Birkeck, University of London.